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Upskilling programs are educational initiatives that help individuals acquire new skills or improve existing ones in order to enhance their employability, advance their career, or adapt to changing job requirements. These programs may take various forms, including Yes+, Upaya, SFC, EDC, Mock Interviews, online courses, workshops, apprenticeships, or formal training programs offered by educational institutions or employers. The content of upskilling programs varies widely depending on the industry, the skills in demand, and the goals of the participants. Upskilling programs are becoming increasingly important as technology and automation continue to reshape the job market, requiring workers to constantly upgrade their skills to stay competitive.


Yes+ is one of our variant upskilling sessions that promotes and engages one’s physical and mental upbringing. The term literally expands to Youth, Empowerment and Skills, sharpening an individual’s spectrum for professional sustenance. A primary goal of the initiative is to provide for a stress relieving environment, especially when taking up complex courses that requires plentiful brainwork. The program tends to focus on advancing soft skills that enable clarity of thought, emotional intelligence, team-spirited notions, crisis management and decision handling capabilities. A rising concern among youth is the lack of communication and presentational competencies, for which we deliver an adequate forum of activities and techniques satisfying any employee seeker.


UPAYA, otherwise known by the name Uplifting Performance Among Yearning Aspirants, is a scheme that instills the values of corporate culture within students. Merely enduring academics disfavors many from acquiring the career they dream of, but with additional skill enhancing methods at Logic, we tailor students to be well-suited to the corporate requirements. Aspirants are instructed the way of professionalism through case studies, PowerPoint presentations, group discussions and debates, that help revamp one’s leadership, interpersonal and communicative aptitude. The program further empowers young adults with the confidence and opportunity to upgrade themselves.


Student Faculty Club (SFC) aims in bringing about the ability to learn and teach among youth. Individuals who have got a flair for teaching assists others in topics of difficulty further aiding their career. Quite distinctive from our other upskilling activities, this club proposes a student-friendly routine that nurtures the academically weaker strata and additionally improves the understanding of those who volunteers to coach. The club is rejuvenated with revision, question-remapping and doubts-clearing sittings and above all dispenses an opportunity to transform oneself to the position of an educator. SFC attempts to ease in an academic pillar of support to all students who avail of this provision.


EDC, an acronym for Entrepreneurship Development Club generates entrepreneurial growth and fosters an innovative mindset among budding humans of the current status quo. The club directs its focal point to capitalistic culture, manufactures and strengthens convictions, offers multitude of ideas for a startup, presents awareness and government schemes to complement and reform young business minds. EDC incorporates industrial visits, webinars, talks and occasional meetings with inspiring and well-to-do entrepreneurs to bestow a hands-on experience for our students. They are directed towards the ideology of a company and its operations, thus levelling up to a creative perspective of fortune.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a customary value-added service that grants students with the promise of a fulfilling career and beaming future. We demonstrate a professional scenario and set up meetings, discussions and conferences to equip and navigate one through the hiring process of an enterprise. These sessions help young adults overcome the fear of the unknown, face the work environment as an optimistic fresher and excel in accomplishing their ambition. They are suited up for an individually customized plan with tips and techniques to get through and crack challenging undertakings. These mock initiatives enable students to polish themselves, uplift their confidence and expand their knowledge and expertise.

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