CMA USA – A Rewarding Career?


How does obtaining a professional certification like CMA help you advance your career? Do you enjoy the benefits after clearing Part 1 & Part 2? Or would you have to wait till you earn your certification? How can you tell if pursuing a career as a certified management accountant is the right decision for you? There are many factors at play, but the nation & industry you work in are two of the most important.

There are three main reasons why CMA USA is more rewarding than you think.

Firstly, it is acknowledged as the “gold standard” of management accounting in the United States and is currently spreading internationally. This indicates that it is accepted in a professional setting as an indicator of your proficiency in essential accounting and financial management skills.

Secondly, having the CMA certification can result in a pay raise. Let’s face it, the majority of people pursue certification primarily for the income rise.

Last but not least, obtaining a CMA certification assures that you have the information and abilities necessary to carry out your job accurately and effectively. This benefit is obvious but nevertheless significant. In essence, it improves your ability to work.

Can I start looking for work after passing just one part?

You can certainly do that, but you cannot identify yourself as a CMA. The value of passing Part 1 or 2 alone, then, is minimal. As soon as you decide to take the CMA, you can begin your job search. In fact, there are many applicants who are beginning to discover what is out there and plan for their futures. However, you can only refer to yourself as a CMA certificate holder if you have passed both CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2 and satisfy all of the other IMA requirements to earn your certification.

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