Why Pursue Chartered Accountancy? — Equip Yourself to be a Financial Doctor


A professional chartered accountant garners plenty of regard and respect. While a medical doctor
shelter you from illness and other ailments, a financial doctor operates more along the lines of
safeguarding your wealth and economic viability — an equally crucial requisite. With a curriculum
extending as vast as the oceans of Earth, it is reviewed as one of the toughest papers to crack. That
being the case, the professional qualification holds out the following perks, a few among the many.

• Early Financial Stability: You get to accumulate enough and more earnings that money would be
the last thing on your mind. The time, resources and bills exhausted on your education is made
worth through your returns — that of which can be accomplished at a very young age.
• Superior & Substantial Choices: The mobility and convenience associated with this career
presents you with durable options enabling you to balance work and leisure. For instance, as a
Chartered Accountant, you can engage yourselves in teaching, secure a lucrative job or practice
at your own firm irrespective of where you might be located. Any industry! Any scale!
• Escalated Admiration & Merit: Despite getting to add a prefix to your name, a successful
Chartered Accountant gains a lot of repute and acknowledgement as professionals. Your efforts
are applauded and your signatures hold much power and monopoly over other positions.
• Burgeoning Demand & Scope: The qualification offers unrestricted industry alternatives and
broader horizons. The number of eligible CA’s are scarce, and the demand is sky high. Besides,
with the evolving global scenario, the need for such business solution providers has rocketed
and therefore has a 0% unemployment rate.
• Personal Development: Apart from the obvious benefits, it enhances individual potential,
strengthens perseverance, magnifies patience, teaches and enables you to overcome failures

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